ZealFly Design Services

ZealFly designers help you create your custom design

We offer a wide range of services
that will help you make your vision into a design

In addition to designing graphics for clothing, we can also help you with any other design needs. Whether it's
for logos, banners, websites or anything else, we can help you out.

Creating ready to use files

We'll create the perfect files to use in any situation. That includes logos, graphics, clothing, banners, and more

· Correct file type
· High quality 
· Removing backgrounds 
· Color matching

Adjusting your files

Minor touch ups to your existing file to make it just how you want it.

· Resizing
· Patching/ Retouching
· Adding text

Color matching existing print files

Not seeing consistent results between what's on your computer screen and the end product? Our designers will help you color match your graphics and designs.

Redesigning existing logos

· Multiple new sketches
· Provided in vectors
· Can be used as a logo, graphic, banner, image, and more

Creating new graphics

· Multiple Sketches
· Multiple Revisions
· Multiple Final graphics

Artistic work

Our design artists can help you vision and create your unique design or graphic, which can be digitized to be included in your design.

What to prepare in advance

Help us understand what you would like

  • Inspirational photos

  designs that are similar to what you want

  • Reference photos

 if you have images that you may want to be drawn in that exact way

  • Rough sketches for layout purposes

  they don't need to be professional, they just need to get the point across

  • High resolution photos

if they're a part of design


ZealFly will not take responsibility and is not liable for graphics resulting in a cease and desist order.
ZealFly assumes that all content provided by its clients is original and/or is copyrighted by the client.

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